Aerospace and Defense

Micromag has developed a unique Radar Absorbent Technology that delivers Low Radar Observability Capabilities to any platform it is applied to by reducing the Radar Cross Section. Micromag product encompasses solutions for vessels, UAVs, submarines, missiles and terrestrial vehicles.

Typically Micromag Radar Absorbent Technology can be integrated in coatings or other substrates such as fibre glass. These solutions are able to target two different market segments; retrofit (for adding low observable capabilities to existing platforms) or new platform construction projects.

In comparison with other Radar Cross Section solutions available Micromag Technology is easy to apply, light and has differential advantages in terms of lifespan and can be applied to the overall structure dramatically incrementing the overall performance.

The Technology has been tested, validated and endorsed by the Spanish Navy. Additionally the technology has been certified by the US and France and commercially deployed in other markets in Asia and Middle East.


Micromag has leveraged its unique know-how and understanding of Electromagnetism applied in Military Markets to develop unique solutions in the Civilian Space.

In fact, tight requirements in terms of Electromagnetic Absorption from the coatings solution have been adapter to flexible rubber or silicone materials that can be used for Electromagnetic Interference Control.

Additionally, the micro fibers do expose also some Gigantic Magneto impedance properties that allows them to be used for developing multiple sensors that can be used in the Fast-moving consumer goods market.