Naval Applications Micromag, in exclusive partnership with AkzoNobel coatings, is revolutionizing naval applications with our innovative technology.

This is our revolution

Our radar-absorbing technology, integrated into various naval vessels has significantly enhanced their operational efficiency and strategic capabilities.

Furthermore, has been applied to patrol boats and corvettes, effectively modifying their radar signatures to enable masking towards the enemy. This has resulted in a significant reduction in detection distance, providing these vessels with a critical strategic advantage.

The application of Micromag’s technology has led to significant certifications, underscoring the effectiveness and strategic importance of our solutions.

A disruptive solution

In 2016, we made a significant stride into the future of naval warfare by integrating our radar-absorbing technology into the structure of 10 Unmanned Vessels. This resulted in a 45% reduction in detection distance, significantly enhancing the stealth capabilities of these unmanned vessels and providing a substantial strategic advantage.

In 2019, we further demonstrated the versatility of our technology by applying it to certain submarine elements, achieving electromagnetic compatibility according to the requirements of the Naval Constructor. This application showcased the potential of our technology in a variety of naval platforms, from surface vessels to submarines.

infographic electromagnetic absorbent flexible materials

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At Micromag, we are committed to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in naval applications. We continue to invest in research and development, exploring new ideas, and seeking out innovative solutions to the challenges our clients face in the maritime environment. Our technology is not just enhancing the capabilities of today’s naval vessels – it’s shaping the future of naval warfare.