Radar Absorbing Coatings

Radar Absorbing Coatings

Coatings are a desirable matrix, because of its easiness of application and range of applicable surfaces, since they can be applied from a whole Navy Ship to a windmill, passing by smaller areas to avoid antennae crosstalk. Previously developed coatings were heavy and thick because they used primarily loss mechanisms as their physical principle to absorb Radar frequencies. Moreover, they tended to be easily degradable and have a short lifespan while being very expensive, precisely because of the high amount of lossy particles needed. In this scenario, Micromag set off to develop disruptive and competitive Radar Absorbing Coatings that are a combination of destructive interference and lossy materials, and are made of composite materials with highly conductive fibers, manufactured by Micromag.

Micromag has made an effort to make these Radar Absorbing Coatings easily applicable with existing painting techniques (airless, HVLP or even roller), and Micromag fibers can be mixed with commercially available coatings. Moreover, Micromag provides single or non-harmonic double frequency band absorbing coatings, such that wideband absorption is also achievable. Since, Micromag fibers are dispersed within a coating matrix, the composites are as durable as the coating itself.

Micromag tailors Radar Absorbing Coatings to customer specifications, being able to target two different market segments; retrofit (for adding low observable capabilities to existing platforms) or new platform construction projects. Our Stealth Technology and Radar Absorbing Coatings have been tested, validated and endorsed by the Spanish Navy, and have been certified by the US and France and commercially deployed in Asia.

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