Materials with electromagnetic properties have experienced significant expansion into civil applications in various sectors. Micromag’s innovative approach seeks to improve safety and efficiency in different environments by applying electromagnetic absorption principles and other properties to create practical and adaptable solutions in the civil field.

Architecture and construction

In the field of architecture and construction, materials and design techniques that incorporate electromagnetic absorption principles have been explored to minimize reflection of unwanted electromagnetic waves. This may have applications in the construction of wind turbines, buildings near airports, bridges and other infrastructures.

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red and white metal tower under blue sky during daytime


In the development of antennas, especially those used in urban or densely populated environments, RAM materials have been implemented to reduce electromagnetic interference and improve the efficiency of signal transmission.

Electronics and other consumer sectors

In consumer electronic devices, such as cell phones, work has been done on the development of materials and coatings that reduce the reflection of electromagnetic signals and avoid undesirable resonances.


Micromag’s technology can be applied in identification, anti-counterfeiting or sensor systems in the consumer sector. Several European projects are currently being developed under these guidelines.

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Instrumentation and anechoic chambers

In the construction of anechoic chambers, RAM materials can be used to eliminate unwanted reflections and improve the accuracy of measurements in controlled environments.