We are setting the forefront in low observability technology by defining the new military and strategic standards.


We collaborated with a leading german company to provide unmanned aircraft with low observability capabilities using structural materials developed by Micromag.

In parallel, we are working on projects supported by the Ministry of Defense to improve the longevity of the Spanish F18 and optimize investments in new aircraft through low observability technology coatings.

Our partnership with an Israeli supplier has got a brilliant result in advanced drones, thanks to the integration of our technology in composite materials, thus opening up new market opportunities. These efforts reflect our active commitment to shaping the future of aerial applications at Micromag.

We are proud to collaborate on international projects with institutions and startups looking to lead the market. We are committed to being at the forefront and being an active part of the most innovative developments.


We mark a significant step into the future of the naval sector by integrating our radar absorption technology into the structure of 10 unmanned vessels. This performance resulted in a very significant reduction in the low observability capabilities of these vessels, providing a substantial strategic advantage.

Additionally, we demonstrated our versatility by applying the technology to certain underwater elements, achieving electromagnetic compatibility in accordance with the Shipbuilder’s requirements. In this sense, Micromag certifies the potential of its technology in a variety of naval platforms, from surface ships to submarines.


We collaborat with a leading technology company to equip 8×8 ground vehicle radomes with radar absorption capabilities using our materials. This project demonstrates our expertience in materials design, taking the low observability technology of these vehicles to unprecedented levels.