Micromag leads the development of advanced technologies in measurement, simulation, hot spot analysis and ISAR imaging.


Micromag leads the development of advanced technologies in measurement, simulation, hot spot analysis and ISAR imaging. After analysis, Micromag is able to simulate the impact of the inclusion of its absorbing materials to predict the reduction in reflectivity and the advantage factor in detection distance.

Micromag is involved in research projects on new materials with complex electromagnetic properties, as well as in the development of their future applications.

Our experience is reflected in pioneering projects that set new standards.


Micromag excels in the design of materials with controlled electromagnetic properties. Our focus is on materials engineering to create customized absorbing materials for specific applications, such as radar signature reduction in the defense or civil sector, processing in telecommunication devices and development of applications in identification systems or sensors in different environments.

Additive manufacturing

Design and manufacture of a variety of additives highlighting a high production capacity of amorphous magnetic microfibers to control the permittivity and permeability of composites. Micromag has its own production plant with exclusive manufacturing systems.

Paints and coatings

Micromag designs and manufactures RAM coatings for large platforms, such as Navy ships, capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions. We are able to design single or double non-harmonic frequency band absorption profiles to achieve broadband absorption. The great flexibility in its application process allows its integration with different types of paint. Micromag’s marine applications, in exclusive partnership with Akzonobel, are revolutionary in the low observability market.

Resins and fiberglass

Micromag leads the integration of additives in structural fiberglass and resin composites (GRE/GRP) for the manufacture of ships and aircraft. It has obtained great acceptance in the defense market for patrol boats and UAVs as well as in the civil and telecommunications market for interference reduction.

Flexible Foams and Materials

Micromag is pioneer in the manufacture of flexible or structural foams and filling materials with large absorption bandwidth. The technology is well received in the aeronautical sector with excellent results.


Provides flexible multiband RAM Holsters tunable to the frequencies of interest. Made to resist aggressive environmental conditions, UV protection, flame retardant and against impact.

R&D studies

Micromag participates in European projects for the development of applications and materials with complex electromagnetic properties for identification and anti-counterfeiting systems, radomes and other developments in the telecommunications sector.